Author Topic: Halberstadt CL-II and Albatros DVa Stick and Tissue From Old Guillow's Plans  (Read 81 times)

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First...thanks, Dave, for spear heading this great tribute.  What I liked the most about Des was that he made everyone welcome.   Great suggestions and a true gentleman, not to mention his incredible skill!

I've decided to start out with a couple of balsa free flight models as a change of pace.  I think Des would've approved.  I'll be getting my balsa sheet soon so these will basically be "scratch built".  With luck, I'll post a video showing them flying!

So here are my kits:  basically plans downloaded from a great flying model site/archive called "The Outerzone".

I have some other scratch plastic ideas as well.  Wish me luck!

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This will be an intriguing build, and I'm sure it's really challanging as probably every bit is made from scratch.
Wish you good luck and lot of modelling fun.

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That's great Dan! These can be turned into great scale models with a little weight compromise. I'm building a 1/32 Bristol Scout from a Cleveland plan that I hope to show on this forum some time.