Author Topic: COMPLETED Fokker D.VII OAW Leusch, Eduard 1/48, Update 5.7.2019 Completed  (Read 4505 times)

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Beautiful final results!!

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Another beautiful model, Frank. Congratulations are very well deserved.

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Truly a typical masterpiece out of your hands. There is nothing more to say about your skills and the beauty of this model.
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Thank you Steve, Giuseppe and Manni!
Thanks to all who followed through this build and provided feedback and positive comments, much appreciated!

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Those extra photos just show the very real quality of this model - just stunning!


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I missed the finish line on this one Frank. Wow - I'm still stunned this 1:48. I did more or less the same scheme at 1:32 and reckon you got better results at a smaller scale. A magnificient build - congratulations!

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