Author Topic: Halberstadt CL-II and Albatros DVa Stick and Tissue From Old Guillow's Plans  (Read 2489 times)

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watching with interest. last time i build a stick 'n' tissue the sticks went fine, the tissue not so much. in my defense i was 12 at the time.

i'm keen on crashing--i mean flying--oh who am i kidding, i mean crashing--some models. the Micro Aces foamie kits look superb, but your build has me contemplating sticks 'n' tissue. it's how the originals went together!

micro-miniature, ultra light weight R/C hardware has progressed so far that even if i build a small one i can R/C it up and crash it. i haven't built anything tiny yet, but if you're interested in going crazy and making an RC ship i can drop links to sites with tiny parts, etc.

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Holy Hannah...I can't believe it's been that long!  So many things on the fire and real life getting in the way.  You all know the idea.
Anyway, I got the fuselage finished and started some painting.  Now I can start assembly and there is a chance I'll get her done by the August deadline.  Maybe not test flown, but we'll see!
Thanks for looking...Dan

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Really looking great! I Love the scheme, Jasta 6 I presume?
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