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Specific Aircraft Build Links / Re: Show us your Pfalz D III / IIIa
« Last post by Manni on Today at 05:29:00 PM »
Great job, Lance. A beauty in every aspect.
Scratch builds / Re: 1/72 Zeppelin-Lindau (Dornier) Rs II
« Last post by lone modeller on Today at 11:03:28 AM »
Evening All,

Thank you Richard, Des, Ian, Lance, Manni and Rick for you very kind and encouraging remarks. I am very re-assured by your comments Lance and Rick that you too have to perform some operations more than once. I sometimes wonder if I have any sense at all when I make silly mistakes such as those mentioned in the last post.... I am also at a stage in this build that is causing me considerable angst as I will describe shortly so to read your comments was very helpful.

FYO a modeller on another site has described this as "scaffolding with wings" which I thought was rather appropriate and another has called it my "Pokemon"!

On to the build as time is beginning to run short and I will be away for some of the holiday period and am aware that days can slip by with little being achieved. I have still to work out precisely how the wing is going to be fitted: I am trying to think of a jig which will not be more complicated than the model...............

I am also concerned about the strength of the cabane struts, which as shown earlier I have reinforced with brass rod, but still cannot make up my mind whether to reinforce some of the V struts. The problem with the latter would be how to fix them to the attachment points on the hull because if I do  it  would require drilling holes at awkward angles in a very small piece of plastic. The  V struts are also long and inserting rod and keeping the strut even would not be simple. I have a feeling that I am going to just use thick wide strip and hope it works: if it does not.....dammit it will!!!

Before the wing can be fitted however I had to put on the radiators above the engines. They were scraped and shaped from plastic card with grilles scribed with a sharp knife. The filler caps were from two thicknesses of rod. The bracing, supports and radiator pipes were also rod.

I have tested the cabane struts again as part of the planning for placing the top wing: I keep having different ideas about how to do this and none of them seem to be practical. This is what the struts look like minus the wing:

You can see in these photos that there is not a great deal of attachment between the tops of those struts and a large and heavy wing. Araldite will be the bonding of choice because it will give me wriggle time but will be strong. The question is still how to fix the struts and the wing in a single operation.... I need some form of jig but not one which is too complicated: I think that I may have one and hope to be able to report in the next few days. If I do not then you can reasonably assume that it did not work and I may be on the way to giving up this one for a time because there is a real risk of damaging the engine installations and radiators which are a bit precarious up there, and I may have to tackle another project and come back to this one later.

More in due course I hope.

Completed models / Re: Eduard Nieuport 17 (1:48th)
« Last post by Bughunter on Today at 09:48:15 AM »
At first: Your model is  a nice Nieuport 17!

I didn't add any turnbuckles, which I guess is kind of a no-no now, but they looked oversized when I tried to do them.
I use 1/48 Gaspatch ones for my 1/48 models, and they do NOT look oversized in my opinion.
As example my Ni 11:

Completed models / Re: Eduard Nieuport 17 (1:48th)
« Last post by Softscience on Today at 08:48:36 AM »
Perhaps the best advice we can offer to you is to stop being super-critcal of your own work! The prefect model hasn't been made yet and I think it will be a while yet before it is!!

We can all see our mistakes: fortunately others rarely do. Follow Lance's excellent advice and give us more please.


A big DITTO, More Please !


Thanks guys.

And rest assured, there will be more. Now that I got over the rigging boogyman, I'm ready to take more stabs at this. I absolutely love the challenge of simulating natural materials (woods, linens, natural rubber, cork, etc.) that this genre of building brings.

I already have an Eduard Spad XIII in the stash, as well as a 1/32 Albatross D.V (my single WNW kit), Hobbycraft Nieuport 17; and in 1/72 an Airfix Eindecker, Roden Junkers D.1, and eduard Junkers J.1

Expect to see WIP threads for some of them very shortly.

And thank you all for the encouragement.  It really means a lot. I'm not just saying that.
Completed models / Re: 1/72 Eduard Albatros D.V.
« Last post by Softscience on Today at 08:43:11 AM »
That is gorgeous! There is something very gemlike about a 1/72 biplane, when done right. This on is done VERY right!
Specific Aircraft Build Links / Re: Show us your Pfalz D III / IIIa
« Last post by bobs_buckles on Today at 08:41:03 AM »
Ah, there she is  ;)
Thanks for the reminder, Lance  ;)
Always a pleasure to see.

Under Construction / Re: 1/32 Roden Siemens Schuckert D.III.
« Last post by lcarroll on Today at 08:15:55 AM »
  "Also Iím going to try and install the aileron connecting rods once the top wing is attached. Should be fun ....or not."

    I did mine the same way. Cut the new rods a bit longer then the required length, slide them into the hole in the fuselage, a drop of glue on the crank in the upper wing and snug it on. I used tweezers and it worked just fine!
Specific Aircraft Build Links / Re: Show us your Pfalz D III / IIIa
« Last post by lcarroll on Today at 08:10:56 AM »
   Although the wheels seem expensive I consider them priced more then fairly given their quality and the amount of effort they must surely take to produce. I have a few more sets "ferreted away" for future projects and I treasure the little beauties!
Whoa! I'm flattered beyond words at compliments such as these from such great model builders! Thank you all, it's so gratifying to receive confirmation of one's work, especially when trying something new and different!
Lance, this Camel seems to had a hard life, and your model shows that very exactly. Congratulation to this piece of art!

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