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Thank you very much for the pictures Zac - that plane is so tiny! I have to clear the bench at some point and get started  :)
Many thanks for your nice comments, Nigel, Ben, Rick and Joachim! I am glad you find my MacGyver mode inspirative. :)

With the drawings almost finished, I started working on the fuselage. Whereas the front section will be vacuum formed, the rear section will be solid.

The shape looks ok so far, so in the next step I will fill the gaps in the moulds for the front part with milliput and in the rear part with styrene pieces.


Completed models / Re: AMC DH.9 Spetsai (1/32, Wingnut Wings)
« Last post by djuggie on Today at 01:57:54 PM »
Excellent work and I love the color scheme.  I really love unusual paint schemes.  Dresses up the model a great deal.  A beautiful model.

Under Construction / Re: Pegasus 1/72 Roland VIb
« Last post by djuggie on Today at 01:52:27 PM »
May 26, 2024

Using the clear decal sheet I recently purchased, I sprayed some of it black and cut out the strips for the fuselage.  One thing about this clear decal sheet is from the time if hits the water to releasing from its backing is about 15 seconds.  It was then applied to match the photos as close as possible.  The entire fuselage decalling took about an hour..  The lower wing was attached and it now going to dry until at least tomorrow.
The machine guns were attached at this point as there will be no way to get them in after the top wing is attached.


Marvelous work, there's something interesting everywhere you look!

Where to purchase your kits / W.W.amc dh9 on sale this weekend
« Last post by Pep111 on Today at 09:15:51 AM »
Wingnut wings amc dh9 on sale this weekend at Andy's hobby headquarters. Just picked one up for $115 plus shipping
Utterly spectacular, congratulations FF! SO many lovely details!
Spectacular. Just spectacular.
A terrific choice!
The World of Scale Models / Re: VBS Kuňkadlo (1/72, Eduard)
« Last post by KiwiZac on Today at 07:02:30 AM »
And here you are, Dutch. Kuňkadlo together with four RWDs, which I thought were small
My goodness! That really puts things in perspective!!
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