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The kit is on my "to get list "for the future emptying of my purse and no vise's  ;)

Tell your wife love her !  ;)

I read your other post show the parts and this is an impressive kit . I'm really taken by the level of detail in the fuselage with the stressed fabric . Really nice touch  :)


I already have told her. She took it with understanding. ;)

And yes, the fuselage detail is indeed amazing, a great job done by Łukasz.

This will be a project I follow very closely, Prze. It's one of the most exciting new releases that has come along for a while - and you will be blazing the trail with your build.

I fully agree with you, Gary. It is indeed a very exciting release.
But will I blaze the trail? I will do my best but let us wait till the end 🙂

What about quality of those parts?

I have already commented that resin quality from Lukgraph has increased significantly. Today I worked on floats and beaching trolleys. I found some single air bubbles here and there and only one larger on one of the trolleys, I had to use the wadte plastic sprue fragment to fill it. But it is nothing compared to what I went through when building their Lublin or even Baby.
3D printed bits have some traces of printing layers and have to be cleaned. But then, even the best WNW plastic had the traces of mould halves seam to be removed. IMHO, bearing in mind it is resin, this kit has the elements of very high quality.

What's New / Re: Roden Spad XIII sprue images
« Last post by RAGIII on Today at 08:56:06 AM »
Thanks David! I see a lot of things I like, for instance No exaggerated rib tapes that would be so wrong on a SPAD. ( JMHO). Reference the strut attachments, at least it looks like the cabanes have a more positive location than on the SPAD VII. This will make the wing attachment much easier as long as those line up. I will refrain from further comment pending MY review.
What's New / Re: Lukgraph 1/32 scale Friedrichshafen FF.33L on the way
« Last post by PrzemoL on Today at 08:36:47 AM »
Thanks for taking the time to photograph and post your review, Prze. Very interesting indeed, and I can see your passion for the new kit. To be able to start on it is great - you'll be spending a lot of time at the model bench this coming weekend, I take it?  ;)

My pleasure Gary, I am very happy that I could share my joy with you. And yes, I will certainly spend some time over the weekend working on the kit elements.

It really is an impressive kit and I think Kent will be a little on the envy side .


Yes, the kit IS impressive.
As for Kent, I hope he will not be envious. I am sure the Danish post does its best to bring his FF33L as soon as possible to his doorstep. But even if he does I expect that out of that envy he will build it to such a high standard that we will all be on the profit side being able to admire his model!

You are too kind, and modest PrzemoL. I love to have you getting ahead, watching and learning how you are going to tackle the FF.33 L.

Btw: The delay gives me a chance to do the rail car base before the kit arrives...


Kent, I will gladly trace the route, especially that I am sure you will again stun us with another masterpiece, on the railway car!
What's New / Re: Roden Spad XIII sprue images
« Last post by PrzemoL on Today at 08:32:24 AM »
Thanks for sharing these images, Dave. I agree, it looks like a typical Roden product. The fuselage is split into many elements, certainly some filler/sand paper action will be necessary. Also, if one expected WNW style strut pins he will be disappointed. Yet, as for me, it seems like a promising kit. I have preordered one a couple of days ago and I will surely not be disappointed!
Sneaky! It's a crazy plan, and it just might work!

I'm green with envy about your trip to Shuttleworth though

What's New / Re: Roden Spad XIII sprue images
« Last post by RLWP on Today at 08:04:07 AM »
At last!

Looks to be a typical Roden product - dimensionally OK, provided with all you need, a good base for adding aftermarket parts if you want to

I like those instruments - I'm surprised more manufacturers don't go that way

Where's my credit card...

Great stuff Frank, I've enjoyed seeing this peculiar aircraft take shape. That prop is fantastic, no out of scale gigantic grain and perfect shape. Looking forward to the finished photos.

What's New / Roden Spad XIII sprue images
« Last post by Dave W on Today at 07:58:57 AM »
Found on Proper Plane's Facebook page, here are the first images of the sprues for the new Roden 1/32 Spad XIII.

The Spad is reportedly due to be shipped next week.

Dave Wilson
Gold Coast
Just a very quick thought, I may have drunkenly stumbled on a method to create the wing surface contours. I had a very quick little play att compressing the shape directly into the balsa. I didn't measure anything out so consider this a rough sketch. I tried rolling the shape in with a cocktail stick, a paintbrush handle and finally a brass rod. I think this has some promise! On the underside of wings I have noticed that the ribs are actually the lowest point as the canvas if anything gently sags between them. A gentle pressure at the rib points would be all that is needed to create this. I had a few beers tonight so this is all very crude, with a bit of refinement I think it will work in combination with tape strips and a few coats of primer.

Wing experiment by Richard Williams, on Flickr

Am I onto something or am I barking up the wrong tree?

I'm off to the Shuttleworth Collection on Monday anybody got any picture wants?

Under Construction / Re: 1:32nd scale Hansa-Brandenburg W.20
« Last post by RAGIII on Today at 07:37:31 AM »
Superb build Mike!
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