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Under Construction / Re: Nieuport 11 1:32 (Special Hobby)
« Last post by RAGIII on Today at 08:25:48 AM »
Beautiful work on the prop Andreas. A shame to cover it up but that is modeling  8)
Under Construction / Re: Nieuport 11 1:32 (Special Hobby)
« Last post by Borsos on Today at 08:23:29 AM »
Thanks Gaz, Rick, Ian and Richard! When I followed your advise and removed the tape, everything fell apart again ....

Well, I finished the woodwork now

Here's my Levasseur 450 in 1:32 sanded and sealed with Humbrol clear next to two original 1:1 Levasseur props:

Given the angle both originals are photographed, I think I can live with my representation. The kit's propeller has no real similarity to an actual Levasseur besides of the "cut" ends. Now it needs a proper drying overnight and some polishing and then -- I hate to say it -- I have to airbrush this prop in a dark brown solid color as French propellers were painted in a dark red-brown laquer, visible  on the lower of both original props (the upper has been "restored" and it's original paintwork stripped off). I will try to airbrush this color as thin as possible to keep an idea of the wood stains visible.
Then there is still another problem: I need  some "helice Levasseur" decals. I will try to print them onto clear decal paper, but isn't anybody out there to bring us high quality prop labels for French aircraft? Pleeeeeease!

Best regards
WW1 Aircraft Information/Questions / Re: Pfalz D.III and lozenge
« Last post by RAGIII on Today at 08:21:07 AM »
I dd this one based on a Photo in Greg van Wyngardens' von Richthofen and the Flying Circus  book. The photo shows the wings and center fuselage but not the tail so the tail color is conjectural based on common Jasta 4 practice. Aviattic does a nice cookie cutter sheet for the lozenge wings.
That's pretty much a whole new level of stunning...and your are brave to do all that with that lovely kit.

I'm pretty much amazed...FINE JOB!!!

Holy Cow, Lance!  Those are some mad skills on display.  I've only seen that beast once in the flesh and yours looks just like it.  Great weathering too.

I made my little prop guards using thin brass with EZ-line for the rungs.  Worked out slick in 1/72nd.  Your job has much more finesse than the kit.  Rock and roll!!!

What's New / Re: Copper state model Nieuport 17 1/32
« Last post by kornbeef on Today at 08:10:20 AM »
I can't wait.  looks exquisite already

What's New / Re: Copper state model Nieuport 17 1/32
« Last post by Borsos on Today at 08:04:21 AM »
With a Halberstadt Cl. II and a Nieuport 17 comming this year I think I'll have to finish my ongoing projects, clean up my workbench and buy lots of new blades and drilling bits... Very good days are coming... :)
Edgar, would you tell us a little more regarding the marking options ?  ;)
What's New / Re: Copper state model Nieuport 17 1/32
« Last post by Eric Armstrong on Today at 07:45:51 AM »
Dayum!  If these computer images are any indication of what this kit will look like, I believe I can safely say that WNW can scoot over some because there is another high-end contender in 1/32 scale aviation modelling to keep them company at the top!
Latest Acquisition to your collection / Re: Just bought em' today
« Last post by Dave W on Today at 07:30:17 AM »
G'day Gaz

I think your Wingnut purchases at the swap meet confirm the feeling that Wingnut kits more than hold their value. Also I suspect the days of super cheap kits at swap meets are gone - sellers want maximum dollars to fund their next purchases and we all know how new kit prices are rising.

Were you lucky? You picked up two OOP Wingnut kits and did not have to pay the crazy Ebay prices some of them are going for now. So I'd say you were very lucky. Even if Wingnuts reissues these kits in another guise, these original boxings with their 5 decal options are not being reissued so we are up for collector prices. if OOP kits from a deceased estate do appear on the swap meet circuit you have a better chance of scoring an elusive bargain at a reasonable price.

Dave Wilson
Gold Coast

Resin Kits / Re: A.E.G. N.I and A.E.G. C.IV dual build
« Last post by guitarlute101 on Today at 07:23:59 AM »
Hey, Mark!  Hello!  Still out there?  Did you ever finish this beauty?  I'm about to start the CSM AEG and I'm curious as to how this one turned out.

Hey there Bud, still working on it, I had to really put the hot water to one of the fuselage halves to make it match the other side but it's coming along. I do a little on it here and there. I have a secret modeling project I'm working right now that's taking up all of my time. I'll show it when it gets done then it's back to my other model projects including this one.

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