Author Topic: Search Marks for Fokker; I need yours help !  (Read 565 times)

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Search Marks for Fokker; I need yours help !
« on: August 17, 2014, 08:26:11 PM »
Hello to you all,

Imagine a Fokker D VII (Alb) to be urgently asked (with a few bullets in the "stomach", or technical problems) in a "no man's land" somewhere .....
Fighter Pilot unscathed, with the only help, a German soldier, who will cover and help him out of this hell of mess ........

Of course, this little scenario is not that of a film, but of a  small Diorama, I'm about to start; For now, inside the Fokker progressing well;
But I am having a big question mark, about markings (or the pilot), Jasta ....?
I do a lot of research, with a few good books, and, of course, the great bank Fotos gallery archive of WNW, Windsock data, net site .... I do not yet acquired the Osprey 2 Aces Fokker, I have some ideas by looking at the three volumes of Fokker DVII Anthology (Albatrosproduction), I thought the board planche decals WNW 30007, 5278/18, "Hertha" Jasta 27, but I doubt very much ...

I want to "stick" the most historically accurate, and I would like for my little Dio , a Fokker with a "Cold" camouflage paint, dark enough ...
And don't make mistake with The Aces !

I need your lights and your help, thank you very much in advance

Didier "The Blackat"