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Pheon Availability
« on: May 09, 2023, 05:47:57 AM »

Now that I have made it to retirement, I have that glorious thing called "time to myself."  So, starting a diorama!

Pheon produced a set of decals for the Spad VII (32001) and a set for the DH9 (not the Ninak, the other DH9) product number unknown.  The DH9 set had markings for a plane with an "S" on the front.  (Shown on p.101 in the Osprey publication about Jasta 18.)
Does anyone have these sets and are willing to part with them.  At a price, of course!

I've been a follower of this forum for some time, but not always sure of how things work.  Looking forward to learning.
Let me know what you think!!


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