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Eduard 1/48th scale Sopwith Camel Comic ProfiPack Edition
« on: July 05, 2022, 08:29:19 PM »
Eduard 1/48th scale Sopwith Camel Comic ProfiPack Edition

REVIEWED BY David Wilson

Scale: 1/48th
Item #82175
Price: $US 39.95 from Eduard Store direct.
Stockist: Available from Eduard Store at and through quality hobby retailers worldwide.
Contents: ProfiPack variant of Sopwith Camel Comic kit in grey plastic on 3 frames plus clear parts frame; Decals for 6 marking options; colour photo etch set, painting masks.

The Sopwith Camel is arguably the most famous British fighter aircraft of WW1 with almost 5500 machines built and in RFC/ RAF service from 1917 through to the end of the war.
The Camel has been a staple of many plastic model manufacturersí catalogues back to the 1950s and is now represented in all of the major scales.
The rotary-engined Camel saw extensive use in RFC/ RAF squadrons, along with the Australian Flying Corps and many Allied air forces including Canada, Belgium and America, among others. For many, it defines the image of a WW1 RFC fighter aircraft.
The Sopwith F.1/3 Camel Comic was something of a sideline in the typeís development, conceived for home defence use against marauding German Zeppelins and heavy bombers that subjected Britain to its first blitz raids.
The Comic name came from the first night fighter adaptation, the Sopwith One and a Half Strutter which was nicknamed the Comic.

The Comic variant was visibly different from the others because its Vickers guns were removed from the cowling above the engine and replaced with twin Lewis Guns on Foster mountings on the top wing. The idea was to reduce the flash of the gunís firing which interfered with the pilotís night vision.

The changes also entailed moving the cockpit further back than standard Camels and moving the fuel tank forward to compensate. The resulting aircraft had a unique, long nose look which replaced the traditional Ďhumpí of the Vickers- equipped Camel design.

Although visually distinctive, only a small number of Camel Comics were produced- between 100 and no more than 150 Ė and were issued to UK Home Defence units for service in 1918.

Eduardís newest Camel
The Camel Comic night fighter is the fourth iteration of Eduardís exquisite- all new tool 2021 Sopwith Camel which re-defined 1/48 scale WW1 modelling and put Eduard firmly back on top as a premier 1/48 scale WW1 model manufacturer.
The Camel & Co combo boxing launched the new Camel range in 2021 and this was quickly followed by stand-alone releases for the BR.1 and Clerget engined variants.
Inevitably Eduard want to maximise their new tooling so this night fighter variant is a natural progression. Looking at the frames itís likely a 2F1 Shipís Camel will also be produced in due course and Eduard have already announced the first of what are likely to be a number of Weekend Edition releases.

It would be fair to say the Camel now anchors Eduardís WW1 catalogue and the company has invested its expertise not only in the kit but in a spectacular array of add-ons and aftermarket items.
Although the Comic is regarded by some as something of a sideline afterthought kit, I regard the Camel Comic as my favourite of the Camel variants. Itís quirky and visually interesting and until now the only 1/48 Camel Comic available was a Blue Max resin conversion set produced a decade ago for Eduardís earlier Camel kit produced in 2003.

That 2003 kit is now obsolete and all references to the Eduard Camel should assume we are talking about the 2021 wholly new tool model.

The 2022 Eduard Camel Comic is the first full plastic kit in this scale of this interesting variation of the classic fighter.

In the box the kit is essentially the same plastic as in the other releases, but with a new Frame C containing the new fuselage halves, wings and upper cowling, plus new decals for six marking schemes.

Frame C front and interior
The three frames in the box feature 130 parts in medium grey plastic, with more than 50 of them not for use in this version so thereís some nice spares here for other projects.
Czech manufacturer Eduardís state of the art, 21st Century quality 1/48 Camel is highly detailed and finely engineered. Eduard are known for their state of the art design and tooling quality and the Camel continues that reputation.
The level of detail is impressive, capturing incredibly subtle fabric detail, nicely defined rib tapes on the wings, optional engines and cowlings and comprehensive cockpit items Ė impressive in this scale

The 15 clear plastic parts which come in a protective plastic bag) are beautifully crisp and clear and a comprehensive fret of colour Photo etched pieces (also separately bagged), include a nicely rendered instrument panel featuring simulated wood panelling, seat belts and elements for the wicker seat.

While the ProfiPack edition contains high quality elements, Eduard have also released stunning aftermarket upgrades and among them, the 3D printed wicker seat, is a must-have to further enhance this build.
A set of tape masks and decals for six interesting marking schemes nicely fill the box.
Special mention should be made of Adam Toobyís evocative boxart which really captures the quirky essence of the Comic.

Like the others in this new Camel family a great deal of thought has gone into the design of this kit with the wing surfaces featuring a defined stitching and rib tape which on close examination is perhaps a touch over-scale.
This can easily be addressed with a few light swipes of a sanding stick or under a coat of paint.

The 16 page colour instructions booklet is well illustrated on quality art paper with each step clearly illustrated with exploded view line drawings which also clearly indicate optional parts depending on which version and markings the modeller chooses to make.
The instruction booklet detailing the build is very clearly illustrated and features useful rigging diagrams too.

Colours are again keyed to the Gunze and Mission Models ranges. Frankly a wider range of paint brands would be appreciated. Vallejo and Humbrol are my personal choices but the paint callouts should be for brands that are universally available.

Marking options and Decals:
Six decal options are provided and here Eduard have worked well with what are a restrictive number of options, given the Comicís limited squadron service.
The scheme options cover numbers 78, 44, 8 (Australian training) and 151 Squadron aircraft.

The six marking options are:
A. B9287, 78 (Home Defence) Squadron, Suttonís Farm, UK, spring 1918
B. B2402, 44 (HD) Squadron, Hainault Farm, UK, January 1918
C. Comic of C Flight, 44 (HD) Squadron, Hainault Farm, UK, October 1918
D. E5165, 8 Training Squadron AFC, Leighterton, UK, September 1918
E. E5165 , 151 Squadron, Vignacourt, France, September 1918
F. B4614, 44 (HD) Squadron, Hainault Farm, UK, February 1918

Decal quality looks excellent and in perfect register and maintains Eduardís reputation for their decals.[/b]

The plaudits that have been accorded to the Camel Combo release and the subsequent Br.1 and Clerget variants are equally applicable to the Camel Comic.  The kit reconfirms the reputation that Eduard have given us easily the best 1/48th Camel kit on the market. A must-have for WW1 enthusiasts.
Our Highest Recommendation.
(Review kit kindly supplied by Eduard. Please support the businesses that support our Forum.)

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