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CMK Razor Saw Profi Set
« on: May 31, 2022, 12:40:31 PM »
CMK Razor saw Profi Set

Reviewed by: Dave Wilson

Item:  CMK H1020 Razor saw Profi Set
Price:   €19.90 Via Special Hobby on-line and quality model retailers.
Review sample kindly provided by Special Hobby at:

Special Hobby’s very useful razor saw has been a standard modelling tool on my work bench for more than a year, but it’s now been joined by the latest ‘must have’ – the Razor Saw Profi Set.
This new addition to their CMK products line involves a nifty new handle and two double sided saw blades (offering different  shapes and grades) .

The latest razor saw Profi set is compatible with CMK’s existing razor saw so saw blades are interchangeable.
Two screws attach the blade to the handle and provide a remarkably stable and very robust cutting tool.
I like the fact the double sided blades have a fine and ultra fine cutting option and it takes only second to change from the triangular blade (ideal for working with tricky angles or small resin parts) to the more conventional, adjustable straight edge blade.

I have several saws on the bench but the CMK set with its alternate blades is very much my ‘go to’ razor saw.

VERDICT: Highly Recommended.
Review items kindly provided by Special Hobby.
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