Author Topic: SPAD XIII en Fokker D.VII details (Memorial Flight at La Ferte-Alais)  (Read 173 times)

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Visited La Ferte-Alais airshow a few weeks ago in early June.
Had a horrible drive on friday with accidents and traffic jams (took 10 hours for 450 kilometers), and excellent show saterday but had to leave a bit earlier as the excellent morning weather you see here did not last and turned into thunderstorms later one. Drive home sunday was uneventful except for loads of rain from Paris to Utrecht...

I have lot's more pictures e.g. of the Morane Type H and Bleriot, just no time to sort through them.
Unfortunately ran out of time to take more of the Sopwith 1/1/2 Strutter, Bristol F2B and RE8 also on display.
The D.VII shots were also quick shots as the airshow itself was starting and the static show area was no longer accessible.

My camera isn't really the greatest for this (Panasonic FZ50) so slightly blurry. The SPAD is also quite fast and nimbe!

Good luck on rigging this, also great view of those wooden batons between the rigging:

You can decide for yourself if rib tapes are needed on the Roden kit:

Note the difference in the forward cabane strut and the fabric wrapping. Also the spring on the side fuselage panel near the cockpit:

Other than the cool transparancy, note the staining even on a pristine (flyable) museum aircraft:

More here:


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Thanks for posting these photos and the link to your album. The Spad detail photos are especially appreciated.

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Excellent photos Jeroen, as I said in my thread I've wanted to visit La Ferte for a very long time and I'm very envious (despite the traffic issues!). Some excellent detail photos of two of my favourite types. Thank you for sharing!

The Memorial Flight recently uploaded a video of the SPAD flying with the BE.2f...magnificent!
Zac in NZ

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Great references Jeroen, thanks for posting 👌
((and thanks for the extra video as well KZ. Lovely to see these beautiful aircraft in their natural envirnment)

I was lucky to pick up a bargain at our recent club show - Eduard's 72nd dual box Spad with an extra Spad in the box as well for the princely sum of 8.00!. I was well chuffed  ;D Inspired by this I might dig them off the shelf to have a closer look at them later . . .

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Thanks for posting these, especially the SPAD detail! Probably the best shot I have seen of the H strut and rigging attachment.  The Photo really emphasizes Why the SPAD rigging is so difficult to do right!
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Thanks so much for sharing these with us. As Rick said, that's a great shot of the rigging area on that strut.