Author Topic: A reminder of our Forum product review rules  (Read 4917 times)

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A reminder of our Forum product review rules
« on: June 01, 2022, 01:12:28 PM »
I have recently deleted two posts from a member which were effectively reviews of a new kit.

The Forum has a strict ban on unsolicited member reviews, put in place by Des Delatorre when he established the Forum in 2012.
Reviews on the Forum are handled by a review team to ensure all assessments of products are as fair and impartial as possible.

The reason for the review policy is to protect the relationships we have with the manufacturers who support our Forum, and to avoid any perception (real or otherwise) of any bias toward a specific company.
When people see an unofficial review from someone who has received a free sample but not disclosed a relationship with the manufacturer  then there is always going to be a perception of bias. If other manufacturers saw that we allow unmoderated reviews then they may also perceive a bias.
We became aware of a member posting a review of a new kit and then a build report of the same kit, in both instances he thanked the company for providing him with the kit and accessories.

When questioned, the member said he had an arrangement with the company for some time and had regularly featured their products in his articles. He had not declared to us any association with the company.
Following the deletion of his two review articles, the member has consequently resigned from the Forum, despite being asked to reconsider his decision.

While we welcome members posting their views and perceptions on products, this is encouraged on the understanding the comments are seen to be impartial and it is assumed the person making the comment has purchased the item and is commenting from that perspective.

If someone has an undeclared association with a company, and posts a thank you to the company for receiving free samples of the items he praised, then that crosses a delicate line.
In such a situation, readers don't get an impartial representation of the positives and negatives of the item being featured.

We place great importance at the Forum of ensuring our members are never misled by discussions about model items or not given all of the information needed to decide whether the item is something they should buy.

In such situations what might seem like an innocent deal between an individual and a manufacturer can have big implications and negative outcomes for our Forum.

This does not prevent members discussing kits or accessories they have purchased. But when that comment crosses the line to be an undeclared review from someone with an undeclared relationship with a manufacturer, then the reason for the strict policy on private reviews becomes obvious.

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