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A request for Forum donations
« on: March 28, 2022, 09:13:35 AM »
We rely on donations to cover the costs of running our Forum and Des’ website.
It’s been quite some time -in 2019- since we last asked for some help from members, but due to various forthcoming expenses and costs it would be of great help if members could help us now with a donation toward running costs.

The annual forum hosting service fee is due in April and this is literally the fee that keeps the lights on here.

My deepest and sincere thanks go to those members who do support us with regular donations. Without you, this Forum would have closed down some years ago. Your support has kept the Forum live but also Des Delatorre’s reference website which is maintained in his memory.

However while we have a small but highly valued core of loyal and regular financial supporters, the costs of running the forum keep rising.

The Forum hosting fee is a non-negotiable cost. We have tried to run competitions for members but these incur rising international postage costs for prize postage. As a result we have had to stagger the mailouts until we have enough funds to pay the postage.
Forum Rewards has had to go on hold for the same reason.

The reality now is one package mailed to the other side of the world chews up a whole month’s worth of donations.

We would be extremely grateful for any help from members.

If you are able to assist please use the PayPal donation button on the forum site.

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