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Special Hobby 1/32 scale Fokker D.II
« on: March 15, 2021, 11:04:54 AM »
Special Hobby 1/32 scale Fokker D.II

Reviewed by: Dave Wilson

Item:  SH 32065
Scale: 1:32
Price: Special Hobby on-line €39.90; $42.81 USD ; UK £35.99 ; $A 74.99 in Australia
Review Sample kindly provided by Special Hobby. Available at:
And through quality model shops worldwide.

Plastic Injection moulded parts on three frames; colour instructions; decals for two marking schemes; PE fret; clear acetate for windscreens.

General Comments:
The Fokker D.II of 1916 is not as well known today as its successors but in its day it was a significant development to replace Fokker’s earlier Eindecker monoplanes. It carried a 100hp Oberursal engine and a single LMG 08 machine gun.
Germany operated around 181 Fokker D.IIs and the type continued in service until August 1917 but by then it was found inferior to the Nieuport fighters and was well eclipsed by the new Albatros fighters which replaced it in service.

The kit:
Forum member Mike “Sandbagger” Norris is building this kit and his thread in the Under Construction board is an invaluable guide to anyone contemplating this model.
With that in mind, this in-box look serves to show what comes in the box.
Special Hobby’s Fokker D.II dates back to 2017 when it was first released. A later edition with different markings was released in 2018.
It’s acknowledged that Special Hobby kits are more limited run than some others, there are no locating pins on parts and the plastic is softer to work with (which I prefer). That said their kits make into very acceptable models.
Special Hobby’s range of WW1 models cover some esoteric subjects ignored by the other major manufacturers and their Bristol M.1c monoplane kit is a personal favourite of mine.
Many of the Special Hobby WW1 kit subjects are the only game in town for modellers in this scale and the Fokker D.II is a good example.
The kit comes in a top opening box and parts are contained in a sealed plastic bag within. The parts are clearly moulded and carry a surprising depth of detail.
The plastic is a softer type and easily workable. The substantial PE fret enhances the details.

The Assembly Instructions:
The Instructions booklet in Czech and English is supplied as a 12 page booklet of double folded A4 size paper in color. The full instructions can also be downloaded from the Special Hobby website.
The instructions are well printed and the assembly sequence is easily followed, with a color key to the Gunze line of paints.
The grey plastic frames and parts illustration in the instructions is particularly useful as the frames do not have parts numbers on them.

The comprehensive PE fret contains essential items to enhance the cockpit, machine gun and engine plus other details such as rigging points. There’s also a clear acetate sheet for the windscreen.

There are two marking options in the kit.
1.Fok D.II 2393/16, Royal Bavarian Air Force 1916
2.Fok D.II No.62 536/16 Lt Otto  Desloch October 1916
The decal sheet shows the markings in good register and color and no faults are apparent.

Rigging Diagram:
A rigging instruction diagram is provided.

There’s not a lot in the box but what’s there presents as a fairly straightforward project for the OOB modeller and a nice canvas for the super detailers to work with. The 1/48 modellers have plenty to like with this offering.
Definitely recommended for those with some modelling experience.
The Review Kit was kindly provided by Special Hobby.
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