Author Topic: WNW lozenge decal pucker  (Read 138 times)

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WNW lozenge decal pucker
« on: September 15, 2020, 06:08:52 AM »
Well, my first non-introductory post to the forum and it is related to shrinkage.  Go figure. 

I received a WNW "The Bavarians" Albatros I ordered via eBay.  As always, I inventory the parts.  I noticed the sealed pack decals had the upper lozenge sheet on top.  Looking more closely, it appears to have random ripples -- or waves of "puckering" running length-wise.  They are easy to see -- and feel.  As a result, is there a risk the decals no longer adequately covers the wing?  I took some random measurements and they have a height of ~40mm.

Thus, my questions are: 

1. Has anyone else experienced WNW DECAL shrinkage?
2. Is this normal? 
3. Does this impact the ability to properly decal the model -- or does it "de-shrink" once in water?  Is this recoverable?
4. Is this all in my head?

I am hoping for some good news as I am not interesting in shelling out $$ beyond the already high WNW price I paid.  Many thanks, Gents!