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Re: Have on of those weeks ...
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I was sceptical about getting an e-bike and some folk still think it's cheating but they let you ride further and longer and you can adjust the amount of assist they give you.
I try to ride mine in eco as much as possible. There is eco+ which give slightly less power, standard and high. Obviously the range goes down the higher the amount of assist that is used.
I did a 35 mile ride one day, a mixture of road, trail and fire roads near me and still came back with 68% battery charge left.
I have a Haibike Full seven LT.4 2018 model. One of the cheapest they did plus it was towards the end of 2018 so got a further discount on it. Wish I could afford a Specialized Turbo Levo
Getting a bit off topic here.
Cheers, Mark