Author Topic: Wanted: WNW decals for Willi Gabriel's Fokker DVII (early) from #32011  (Read 374 times)

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Would prefer to trade. If you haven't started the kit and are interested to do a swap for the decals from the re-released Fokker DVII (early) #32067 I can do that. Alternatively, you may have built one of the other options on#32011 and would be interested to trade, perhaps for Aviattic's Frank Luke decal set or any of Pheon's Salmson decal sets?

Another item I would be willing to trade for the decals is a T shirt from The Vintage Aviator Ltd, black with white monogram in the left side and a white DH4 framework on the back:

The shirt is unworn and size 2XL

Failing that I am happy to buy them.

Thanks for looking in
James Fahey
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