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Dave W:
We are always excited and impressed to see the astonishing models made by our members but we don't often get a glimpse of the workbench where these works of art come to life. So it's time to relax and show everyone your workbench/ model desk and don't be worried if your work area is a bit cluttered and untidy.

Here's my happy place in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia. It always resembles a war zone and at the heart of this organised mayhem a Wingnut Wings Clerget Camel is emerging.

So let's see what everyone else's model building space looks like!


Dave Wilson
Gold Coast

Wow, Dave!  Yours is relatively tidy compared to mine...

But in my defense, I'm preparing for Telford.


You caught me with a clean bench, which in itself is worth a photo. I have been a bit under the weather as I just had all my teeth out to make room for dentures that don't fit, so the bench has stayed clean for 24 hrs now. I'm sure I'll be back to messing it up soon.

Dave W:
We all know about the works of model art that our late founder Des Delatorre created, so it may not be a surprise that his neat and methodical approach to model making was reflected in his hobby bench environment

Here's a previously unseen photo of Des at work

Dave Wilson
Gold Coast

Here is mine during a major cleanup and reorganization. One of the 4 bags of trash and junk I removed can be seen on the right of the first photo  :-[ I cleaned up more after the photos were taken.


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