Author Topic: Frederick Libby's memoir, "Horses Don't Fly" (Kindle) for $1.99  (Read 671 times)

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For those who purchase ebooks, Amazon (US) has a great deal on one of my favorite books! Fred Libby was a Colorado cowboy, who was in Calgary as the war was starting, and signed up for the Canadian Army. Transferring to the Royal Flying Corps, he began as an observer, eventually becoming a pilot. On his first operational flight, as observer with Lt. E.D. Hicks, he shot down a German plane. He was the first American ace of WWI (as an observer), credited with 14 victories, flying in FE.2b's, Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutters, and DH4's. After transferring to the USAS, he did not see any further action.

It's a great price for an excellent book. If you prefer paper, it can still be found at a reasonable price.


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Re: Frederick Libby's memoir, "Horses Don't Fly" (Kindle) for $1.99
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i have the audio version and enjoyed it enough that i intend to build my Fee as the one Libby made ace as an observer in.

it will be great to have a searchable ebook of it, thanks for the heads up! just bought.