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GasPatch Models 1/32 scale Palmer spoked tyres
« on: May 29, 2018, 11:28:15 AM »
GasPatch Models
Palmer 700x75 Spoked Wheels 1/32 scale


REVIEWED BY David Wilson
Scale:       1/32nd
Price:         €18 ($US 21, $A27, £15.70)  plus postage

Stockist:   Review Sample provided by and available through GasPatch Models at

Contents:   Four parts ( one pair of wheels), full painting guide.

As WW1 modellers’ love affair with 1/32 scale aircraft has grown in recent years, the quest for finer detail parts has been endless- never more so than the desire for perfect spoked wheels.

Several aftermarket manufacturers have dipped their toes into this pool with varying degrees of success through hand made wheels and photo etch sets to styrene and it was inevitable that GasPatch Models would offer us their take on the ideal spoked wheel.

The result has been more than worth the wait with the GasPatch resin spoked wheel set being simply exquisite.

WW1 modellers are relishing the growing catalogue of aftermarket accessories thanks to the creativity of Greek modeller and manufacturer Costas Patsaros through his GasPatch Models company.

GasPatch has taken a fastidious approach to WW1 aviation accessory items, which range from a wide array of machine guns to turnbuckles and these wonderful spoked wheels.

These are world class quality, just like GasPatch’s spectacular 1/48th Salmson 2A2 kit.

The image below illustrates the components in this first spoked wheel set. It is designed for British aircraft such as the Sopwith Pup, Camel and Snipe and carries the “Palmer Cord Aero Tyre” brand in delicately raised detail on the outer edge of each tyre.

The four parts are of astonishing high quality and mention should be made that they are cast in a strong resin. GasPatch say they plan to produce spoked wheels for other WW1n types and in other scales.

(Photo Credits: GasPatch Models)

Coupled with this, the header card folds open to provide a detailed colour guide.


A superbly detailed set of spoked wheels and ideal to enhance suitable 1/32 WW1 British aircraft. Highly Recommended.
(Review sample courtesy of GasPatch Models)

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