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Frank LUKE (1/32)
« on: December 10, 2017, 12:05:15 AM »
In order to find some motivation to resume building my Spad XIII, I've decide to paint this Avaittik miniature of the famous US ace. I didn't like the face. It didn't quite look like the real man and the détails were not very good, so I decided to replace the head with some white metal replacement head (Andrea maybe), which still doesn't look like the ace but at least has bette refined features.
All was painted using acrylics.
Don't bother with the stand as the miniature is set to stand next to the model (once finished...sometime...)

PS I messed up a bit the paint of the trousers and the lower jacket as well. I need to be more careful with my method of painting... Will do better next time.