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German Flight Compass Assembly Instructions
« on: February 18, 2017, 03:13:26 AM »
The parts of for the flight compass will come on the sprue like this. Red parts are waste:


Start by removing the cup with a fine tooth razor saw:

Next, drill out the two holes in the side of the cup with a .3mm bit:

Now, with the cradle still attached to the sprue, drill out the hole at the end of each arm with a .3mm bit:

Remove the cradle. Carefully cut the ends away first, then the base:

Trim away the excess sprue material as shown:

With the ring still attached to the remaining sprue, drill out the 4 holes clear thru the ring with a .3mm bit. Then carefully remove the ring from the sprue:

Attach the cup inside the ring with two pins made from .25mm wire:

Attach the cup and ring assembly to the cradle with another pair of wire pins, also .25mm wire:

Beneath the cradle there was a rod where magnets were attached to correct the compass. This can be made from .4 or .5mm brass tube:

Finish the compass with decals from the spare box, or print your own face.

Single compass:

pair of compasses (save a few bucks):

The pair is also now available in 1/28:

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