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Re: SSW R 1 1/72
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Evening All,

Many thanks to Bud, Steve, Toby, Manni, Andreas and Alan for your kind remarks.

After returning from my travels I have finally managed to complete the model: it has taken longer than expected mainly because of the fiddly nature of the tail unit and some of the other smaller parts.

I started with the main undercarriage - I used 60 thou rod and the wheels which I had already made.

The tail unit was next. First to be fitted was the central rudder followed by the small elevators which were mounted on a pin which passed through the forward part of the central rudder. Last the smaller rudders were put into place. The vertical join bars between the elevators were from 10 x 20 thou card.

Other details were the tail-wheels, the reinforcing struts behind the gear mechanisms for the propellors, the wing elevators, and a small triangular structure by the cockpit. I am not sure what this was for but from photos it seem to have been a mounting for an anemometer - an early form of air speed indicator. I also completed the painting of the engine cover and radiators. I rigged it with rolled copper wire as per usual, but in fact this machine had double wires which were bound with linen to reduce drag. However when I tried to simulate the latter with thin strips of card the result looked awful so I resorted to wire even though this is not quite accurate. I will post pictures of the completed model in the gallery shortly.

Thanks for looking.


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Re: SSW R 1 1/72
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Better with each and every update as it should be! You are an amazing Modeler!
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