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Art of Peter Endsleigh Castle
« on: February 01, 2015, 12:51:35 PM »
For years WWI aviation enthusiasts have talked about Peter Endsleigh Castle's colour profiles. They came out at a time when colour illustrations of WWI aircraft were still relatively uncommon. I believe his depiction of the Fokker EV/DVIII is the first time the olive green wing was illustrated, copied many many times since. Likewise his depiction of the Roland CII with the diamond fish scales has been copied, even by Eduard, yet photographic evidence for this finish is elusive. He certainly inspired me as a young modeller. I always wondered who he was,what his background was, so finding this old article in Aeroplane magazine Nov-99 was quite a buzz and I thought you all might enjoy the read.

Click on each image to see full size

The small booklets from Profile Publications came out in the 60s and 70s and Peter Endsleigh Castle provided most of the WWI artwork in the series. Although smaller than the later Datafiles from Albatros Publications they are useful references even today.

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Re: Art of Peter Endsleigh Castle
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Thanks James, fascinating stuff. I for one hadn't realised Endsleigh Castle worked at one stage for MI6!

When I was a youngster, I was an avid collector of the Profile Publications, or at least as many as I could afford. I still have a fine collection, neatly boxed up, but my main focus then was on WW2 types and I guess I only have about half/two thirds of those devoted to the Great War. Nevertheless, I do flick through them on occasions and they are a source of great interest.

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Re: Art of Peter Endsleigh Castle
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    Thanks for posting this trip down "memory lane", it caught my eye immediately when I saw the name Peter Endsleigh Castle. As a youngster I had a standing order at a local bookstore for the monthly copy of RAF Flying Review and his work fascinated me monthly. Later, when I joined the RCAF and modelling became only an occasional pleasure, I collected the Aircraft in Profile Series which were lovingly bound into the vinyl Series wire framed covers, and pored over for endless hours.
    It's very interesting to note the different depictions of that period and contemporary work, for example  DH.2 6011 shown here (which I'm working away at presently) and also a Profile in the Albatros Data File, and the same for MVR's DR.1 152/17. I've always regarded the Data Files as the "Bible" of the genre; I suppose the differences result as more information or technology surfaces.
    Great article, and much enjoyed and appreciated!