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1/48 Planet Thomas Morse Scout
« on: December 14, 2014, 01:53:43 PM »
 I just received the Thomas Morse S-4C Scout datafile. I have compared the drawings to a Planet Models 1/48th scale resin kit. The front radius of the kit's cowling is too small. The Eduard Nieuport 17 kit comes with two cowlings. By reducing the central opening with styrene sheet, a good match can be made. The kit's propeller is a bit undersize. The Roden Fokker D.VII kit comes with two other propellers besides the Axial. These can be cut down a bit and make a good substitute prop. The horizontal and vertical stabilizer as well as the rudder are close to the drawings. The top wing is okay except for the trailing edge cut-out above the cockpit which is hemispherical instead of more U shaped. The biggest problems are the lower wing halves. These are supposed to have ten ribs(including the root rib) each. The kit only has nine and therefore are too short. However the lower wings are about 3/16ths of an inch too wide. These will have to be trimmed widthwise and extended lengthwise. The forward portion of the fuselage is too shallow. This wll need to be built up and skinned with embossed styrene to represent the stringers. The landing struts are too short so these will have to be scratch built. Only an axle is supplied so you will have to build up the spreader bar. The Marlin machine gun is better sourced elsewhere as it is only a square stick with a round barrel protruding. Or you could just build one of the unarmed versions. The kit's cockpit opening is the wrong shape so this will need to be changed.
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Re: 1/48 Planet Thomas Morse Scout
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Yikes! My enthusiasm for that kit has taken a hit.