Author Topic: Arthur Laumann's Fok DVII(OAW) 2032/18 Jasta 66  (Read 919 times)

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Arthur Laumann's Fok DVII(OAW) 2032/18 Jasta 66
« on: July 26, 2014, 01:05:07 AM »
Has anyone seen a profile or photo of Laumann's earlier Fokker from Jasta 66 (not the frequently seen post card of his Jasta 10 mount)?

If so can you please share or let me know where it is seen? :)

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Re: Arthur Laumann's Fok DVII(OAW) 2032/18 Jasta 66
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2014, 12:26:21 AM »
There is no profile of Laumann's D.VII in Jasta 66 that I'm aware of but this website has got the best info so far and a photograph showing a portion of one of Laumann's D.VII's:

Here's a translation of the captions, quote:
"Fok DVII(OAW) 2004/18
According to the combat report Lt. Arthur Laumann flew this DVII with a black-white-red tail and an "A" painted on the fuselage side.
From 27.5. - 13.6.1918 Lt. Laumann took part in the battle of Soissons whereby DVII 2004/18 presumably was lost.

Fok DVII(OAW) 2032/18
Lt. Laumann kept the livery of his previous Fokker DVII: black-white-red painted tail as well as a letter "A" on the fuselage sides. Obviously he flew skillfully so that the airplane remained usable from his 2nd through 14th victory. The combat reports mention Fokker DVII 2032/18 again for 2 victories on 10. 08 .18. Has it been repaired?
From 25th June 1918 through 4th July Laumann flew with a black-white-red striped tail. Subsequently the combat reports record a black painted tail. Has there been an exchange due to damage?

Fok DVII(OAW) 2023/18
From his 15th victory (up to and including his 20th) the military serial number is given consistently as DVII 2023/18 and not as 2032/18. I emanate from this that it is a new aircraft. The livery is described in an identical manner: "head and tail black, middle of the fuselage yellow". There is no mentioning of the letter "A" on the yellow portions of the fuselage sides although it's presence is confirmed by photographs."

This is not enough information to do a model in unquestionably correct markings but it gives some hints to do maybe an approximation.
As for the black-white-red tail striping I can only recommend to search the internet for the latest Lifelike decals (#32019, Fokker part 4). They show the last version of Jasta 66 commander Windisch's DVII based on informations from German historian Jörn Leckscheid.

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