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My favorite tools
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My favorite tools

In my build thread of the Sopwith Triplane there comes up the question, what tools I use for the scratch work, how I hold the parts and so on. Since this is not really related to the Triplane I open here a new thread.
So I show my favorite tools here.

Bending tools, also used to hold parts sometimes.

My most frequently used tweezers:

Diamond files and grinding sticks:

Ultra expensive miniature files round and square:

Various etched saws:

My most important holding tool, a small machine vice from Proxxon.

Some years ago I found small cobalt drills on ebay from a company liquidation. I bought all the sizes I could get. All have a 1mm shank and are graduated in 0.002mm steps. No, I don't have all :)

Some milling heads, I have much more:

The lathe on the left:

My lovely Harder & Steenbeck Infinity

And finally the exhaust booth:

May be you get an idea from it, about some useful tools for you.

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Re: My favorite tools
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Thanks so much for taking the time to photograph the tools and post them. I see what you mean about the machine vise. You can hold a piece of brass securely with only the portion you need to work on protruding. That just went to the top of my TO GET list. I ordered some of the etched saws the other day, I can see where I will be fleshing out the collection over time.
This ought to be made a permanent fixture on the Hints and tips section. Extremely helpful. Thanks again for taking the time and effort.
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Re: My favorite tools
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    Some really good hints here and a lot in common! I use the same etched saws (RB I think) as smp noted and the "ultra expensive" files are on my permanent wish list. I agree, this is a great theme and i hope others add to it with their ideas!