Author Topic: Research Project-141st Aero Squadron Princeton Tigers SPADs - need info.  (Read 196 times)

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Some of their SPADs had the Princeton Tiger insignia on the fuselage, which they were only allowed to apply after they got their first aerial victory. They entered service on the Western Front late, so that did not happen until October 1918.

I seemed to recall that USAFM in Dayton had one of these insignia hanging from the upper gallery, but I think it's in storage now. Does anyone have a photo of it? Display might date back to the 1990's.

So far, I have what's available from a Google search (not very much) and the following:

Article published in the 1970's, "Plummage of the Warbirds 141st Aero Squadron The Princeton Tigers" by Jon Guttman

I have on order the No. 4 2007 issue of Over the Front with its article on Horace Brown on its way to me.

Does anyone have any good leads on color and markings info for these SPADs, including generic info for the 4th Pursuit Group? The 141st was part of the 4th Pursuit Group.

Is there any other info in print available, which might include the 141st?

Are there any decal sheets in 1/48th, or other scale, for the 141st SPAD's. I will also be posting this on the WWI Modeling forum, too.

Thanks in advance