Author Topic: Sopwith Triplane - N5487 'Black Prince'  (Read 849 times)

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Sopwith Triplane - N5487 'Black Prince'
« on: April 01, 2013, 11:43:09 PM »
I'm preparing to build the WnW Sopwith Triplane in Pheon's William Melville Alexander's 'Black Prince' N5487 markings. This was the 67th aircraft in a 75 machine production order of September 1916. Alexander flew it from 02Jun-28Jul17. I'm looking for some advice when it comes to several features of N5487.

1) Any idea when N5487 was built? I understand the late style tailplane was introduced in February 1917, so is it possible that she left the factory with this new tailplane? Barring that, is it likely that it was back-fitted to her by Jun-Jul17?

2) Would N5487 have exhibited wrap-around PC10/PC12 on the underside of the wings?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.


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