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"Fee Crew" by Brian Fawcett
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First look review by Des Delatorre

Brian Fawcett has added to his range of WW1 aviation figures by releasing these two figures designed for the Wingnut Wings Fe.2b model. The set consists of a seated pilot, his right hand resting on his right leg while his left hand is holding the cockpit coaming, he is wearing full flying gear with helmet and raised goggles. The second figure is the observer, he is standing in full flying gear holding and reading a map, he is facing the pilot probably discussing the mission they are about to embark on.

The figures arrived to me well packed in a sturdy cardboard box, inside the box was another box which contained a zip lock plastic bag with the figures loosely packed inside. All parts were in good condition with no damage at all.

The two bodies, one head and one arm were separate from the sprue. The sprue held a head, a pair of gloves, a map, and two arms. The facial features on the two heads are extremely well defined and very sharp clean lines, the leather helmets and goggles are also well depicted.

The pilot and observer bodies are well cast, the flying suits are correct for the period and the creases in the fabric are very appropriate. Buttons and button holes are shown quite clearly as is the waist belt, these can all be highlighted with painting. The bindings on the boots is very good and the lacing is also very visible.

Removing the parts from the sprue was very easy, I used a sharp scalpel blade and they came away quite cleanly. The pilot is seen here with his left arm raised to allow his hand to be holding the cockpit coaming, his right hand is resting on his leg. A close up shows the lovely facial features and helmet, goggle details, it also clearly demonstrates the buttons and button holes, the chin strap is also clearly visible as is the fur collar.

The observer is standing with both arms extended forward and his hands in a position to be holding a map. Again, facial feature are well defined and the flying suit is similar in detail to the pilot's suit, the difference here is that he has his jacket buttoned up, the tongue of his belt is pushed inside his pocket, quite a nice touch. The photos show how well the creases in the flying suit have been done, a very realistic look.

The map is well done, it shows it as a folded map and the page separations can be seen very clearly, this is an excellent addition to these figures. The map fits neatly between the hands of the observer.

Also included with this set is a pair of gloves, they are to be placed over some part of the aircraft, more then likely the cockpit coaming, this is a great finishing touch and will look the part when placed in a diorama setting.

The next two photos were supplied by Brian Fawcett, it shows how the figures sit in relation to the actual model, as you can see the pilot is holding the cockpit coaming while the observer is holding the map.


Very well made, excellent facial and uniform details, boots, helmet and goggles all very nicely depicted.


20.00 plus post


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A brilliant set of figures which would compliment any Fe.2b diorama scene, as it shows the observer standing holding a map it is a perfect on the ground situation. Even though these figures are designed for a specific kit, they could be adapted to any RFC subject broadening their potential to suit numerous diorama scenes.


Note;  A follow up of this review will follow soon once the figures have been painted and detailed.

Thanks to Brian Fawcett for providing the review samples.

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