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Modelkasten ... joining the line up
« on: November 09, 2023, 05:39:03 AM »
This week's update ... midweek this time as Friday @ Telford ... we felt ... you might really fancy ... Modelkasten joining the Aviattic line-up, becoming pretty comprehensive with more than 1000 products to serve you WWI aviation modellers.
Simple the best stretch rigging wire available in two sizes, 0.6 for 1/48 and 1.5 for 1/32 and a perfect complement to available turnbuckles. Available for preorder here (shipping in 2-3 weeks)

Other updates:

Pheon 2nd batch came in today: this means bye-bye to the ubiquitous placeholder Pheonix image, as we will be steadily replacing with the real visuals and descriptions, so that you don't need to look up on Scalemates anymore. Maybe one last chance to have a look at the placeholder Pheonix.  This means we will start shipping the remaining pre-orders for which you will receive a fulfillment notice. One caveat though: for some we are out of some glossies (32038 - 32021). None of Sabine's 7 printers are working anymore, so we will be looking for a solution soon, and for those who have preordered, will contact you. Stay tuned!

Pheon DH.9 spoked wheels: a last batch of 15 came in. Gone is gone.

HGW is now also complete, a comprehensive assortment for all applicable WWI aircraft, both in 1/32 but now also 1/48
Telford here we come. All of you that have placed orders. They are packed and set aside. No check-in luggage this time, so pretty sure to arrive.