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Something worth looking for ...
« on: October 21, 2023, 01:48:10 AM »
Look what’s here ... some precious goodies ... lost and found ... 1 of them in sneak preview fashion
A few unexpected surprises among the first batch (*) … mostly just 1 … probably fruit of accidental discovery. It could very well be … we might discover some more … during the November visit … but for the time being that’s it.
Given those time zone differences … in equal opportunity provider style … we will post them up later today … @ 23:30 CET (Central European Time) to be precise (a good test if our platform stands the test of traffic). The time slot may not be perfect for everybody … but there is just no way to find the optimum one.
Oh and one more thing … or better clue:  they are posted as Easter Eggs … or in this case October Eggs … spare yourself typing in some egg like search term for fast tracking … and objects may not appear as they are ... such as in expected places for one. Good things are worth looking for 😉 
When the home page has been switched to the attached visual ... a sign they are available on
Happy hunting!
(*) if some of you have not seen a fulfillment notice yet on your orders,  second batch of Pheon sets is expected somewhere by the end of next week.