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Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) 1/72 LVG C.VI “German Service” and 5 Colour Lozenge Set
Reviewed by Brad Cancian

Item: KPM0402 (kit)
(Note, other boxings available include KPM0071, KPM0072, KPM0073, and KPM0400, which include different decal options)
KPEX026 (Lozenge)

Scale: 1/72
Price: 14.20 Euros for the kit, 9.95 Euros for the Lozenge decals, direct from Kovozávody Prostějov

Review kit kindly provided by KP Models at

KPM0402 - German Service

KP have generated a well earned reputation for some nice quality 1/72 WW1 aircraft releases. This release, KPM402, sees a re-release of their excellent LVG C.VI kit, which we have reviewed previously, here -

As we have reviewed this kit before, I won't go into too much detail here, rather, I recommend you read the previous review.

In this boxing, we get the same sprues as in previous boxings, based on the excellent Ardpol resin kit.

The main difference therefore with this kit is the decal schemes provided in the box. In this case, we get three German machines:

 - LVG C.VI 1563/18, Imperial German Air Service, 1918

- LVG C.VI, K. Lotta, Imperial German Air Service, 1918

- LVG C.VI 4802/18 "Eleynor", Imperial German Air Service, 1918

Each presents a visually interesting aircraft in the mid / late 1918 period, with varying fuselage markings. All options have lozenge wings. As always, check your references, as colour interpretations can always be a tricky thing.

As always, the decals look excellent, with solid colour and nice detail and register. No complaints here.

This package should built up nicely into an excellent representation of this German workhorse.

KPs 5 Colour Lozenge Decals

A welcome release and addition to this kit is the release of a 5 colour lozenge decal set.

This set is designed to supplement the LVG kit but can be used on any other German machine. We get a single sheet of instructions, with application instructions on the reverse.

Though potentially slightly confusing, the illustrations show that for the LVG, we need to consider spanwise application of the lozenge, with the blue rib tapes being applied also across the entire span of the wing.

Each of the two decal sheets provide 5 bolts of lozenge, and a number of blue rib tapes. Colour register and density is excellent. The printing effect actually aids in giving the impression of fabric, even in this small scale.



Colour interpretations for lozenge have been a controversial thing over the years. I will proffer a personal view (caveat - this is Brad's view only - please form your own opinions).

The upper colours are note a bad interpretation to my eye, and reminiscent of some of the more recent releases. If anything, especially in 1/72, I would consider toning down the vibrancy of the colours, perhaps with an overspray of thinned buff or tan, once applied. One may also want to consider some subsequent oversprays of thinned olive drab; this combination should pull back the vibrancy and add slightly more of a green / brown hue to the colours. Overall, however, I think these still look quite reasonable as an interpretation.

The lower colours to my eye are a little too 'brown' overall, and are reminiscent of some of Eduard's earlier lozenge efforts for the colour palette. In my personal opinion I think the pinks and purples needed to be more on the red end of the spectrum, with the colours needing to be lighter and a little more virbant. I would consider perhaps overspraying these with some misted light pink or otherwise once applied, to lighten and pull back the brown effect a little.

All in all, I think this is a great effort which should supplement the LVG kit nicely.


Another wonderful release of an excellent kit by KP, with the German decal options providing even more variety for the modeller. The addition of the lozenge decals complement the kit nicely, and overall, give the modeller an excellent package to complete a stand out model. Well done, KP!

Our very sincere thanks to KP for the review samples!