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Re: Deleted topic explanation
« Reply #30 on: December 31, 2022, 06:14:40 PM »
Geez I almost felt like saying spelling and grammar sometimes goes up wrong, that’s ok. But the content was beyond the pale. Good riddance
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Re: Deleted topic explanation
« Reply #31 on: December 31, 2022, 06:39:42 PM »
I browsed through this posts and at first I would like to wish you a quick and total recovery from these severe health issues again,  Dave. That actually sounds bad and I am sure I wouldn’t have had the nerves to go on moderating this forum at all if I were in your situation. My deep respect for that.

Nevertheless I stumbled over this post:

In response to your remarks,  i deleted the thread rather than the individual posts because that was the quickest and easiest way for me to resolve this issue.
If the original OP wants to repost the screen grabs from the 1938 movie I would be happy to see them here as reference images.
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I am feeling addressed here, because I wrote many of these individual posts, so I would like to take the opportunity to clarify some things (before getting back to modelling, Sorry Willem  ;)). There are not that many movies about WW1  aviation out there, but there are some. Each one has it’s own historical background and its reason for existence. There are mainly these movies done purely for entertainment like the most famous ‚Blue Max‘ or ‚Flyboys‘ which come to my mind. Some of these have also as a subtext a pacifist message like ‚The Red Baron‘ tries to give. And there are movies like Pour le Merite“ which is a product of pure Nazi propaganda. Not just subtext, but main focus.
Of course, and also from my side, scenes or stills from that movie could and even should be used as historical reference. Might even be the only actual reason for existence of such movies: Becoming historical sources. But that includes definitely full awareness of its true nature!
‚Pour le Mérite‘ was referred here without mentioning its problematic essence. Even more, it was phraised here as a „Classic“ that should be watched on full screen on a rainy day. And that shocked me. This was the reason for my moaning. Now I know the reason, as many members watched the action scenes without paying attention to the dialogues and its political program. (I can completely understand this: Transferring this to another comparable and not too dissimilar context, may be a Japanese movie that shows original Vals, Zeros and Kates, I am sure I would probably have done the same. I neither understand Japanese nor do I follow subtitles on Youtube too carefully, especially if my attention would be traced away by Vals, Zeros and Kates…).
However in my opinion reposting the screen grabs from the 1938 movie to see them here as reference images without mentioning the highly problematic essence of the movie, especially if the movie is phraised as a „classic“ in the same context, like it happened here, is highly problematic, too (at least for me a „classic“ is something of value that I would watch on a rainy day full screen with my kids).
Generally  speaking, we all deal with killing machines here which were used to bring human beings to death. Building them as scale models is big fun, but my conviction is we shouldn’t  forget that there is a historical background — and a very sad one — behind all those airplanes. This is true for WW1 aircraft and much more so for WW2 stuff given what happened in these days. But I am aware that talking about these background should not overwhelm the modeling content.

Happy new year to you all,

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Re: Deleted topic explanation
« Reply #32 on: January 01, 2023, 12:27:44 AM »
Thank you for clarifying your original point Andreas. The word "classic" may have been used instead of simply old. I'm old but I'm certainly not classic ;D Happy New Year and I'm looking forward to more great WWI models in 2023 but mostly I want Dave to make a full recovery!!


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Re: Deleted topic explanation
« Reply #33 on: January 01, 2023, 10:36:08 AM »
        As others have said, I cannot imagine what you're going through at this time, and also trying to moderate a forum. Again, my prayers and thoughts speed your way for comfort and recovery.


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Re: Deleted topic explanation
« Reply #34 on: January 02, 2023, 12:38:44 AM »

So sorry to hear you are in the hospital.  I too hope you get better soon and back to the things you love.  Thank you (and others) for keeping this forum going.

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Re: Deleted topic explanation
« Reply #35 on: January 03, 2023, 03:48:34 AM »
Oh my goodness. Dave I am so sorry to hear of your health issues. I, along with everybody else I am sure, wish you a full recovery and hope you are not in pain. You are a wonderful figurehead for this forum and work so hard, even from your hospital bed, to make it a good place to be.

Many thanks to the moderating team for removing that appalling, waste of oxygen from the forum. Is there any way of deleting every single post he ever made so he vanishes without trace?


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Re: Deleted topic explanation
« Reply #36 on: February 11, 2023, 06:09:37 AM »
Get well and return Dave.

I am the original poster for the "Pour le Merite" movie. I'm sorry you're still having to beat this dead horse. Certainly not what you need to be paying attention to while trying to recuperate.

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