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Kellerkind Miniaturen–  2 German pilots in cold weather clothing

Reviewed by David Wilson

Scale: 1/48th
Price €17.95 (incl tax) plus postage       
Stockist: Kellerkind Miniaturen (
Contents: Cast resin parts of two figures.

Sometimes, when you are making a model, it just cries out to have some figures on the base with it, to bring the scene alive.
I am currently making an Eduard 1/48 Roland C.II, a very nice kit, and one that has really come alive after I selected two Kellerkind figures to complement the aircraft.
Martin Hille of Germany, whose Kellerkind Miniaturen product line enjoys a global reputation for high quality, has produced appealing cast resin figures in 1/48 and 1/32 scale. The figures selected to crew the Roland represent Kellerkind’s Knights Of The Sky range and represent two German pilots in cold weather clothing.
These figures are designed to go with Imperial German Air Service machines of the 1914 to 1918 period, and are ideal  as a two seater crew.                       

Kellerkind figures are well known and feature in many award winning dioramas as figures become an essential part of an aircraft display.
This set comes in a strong, plastic protective packaging with cast resin one piece figures in a light grey resin. Their casting blocks are easily removed to speed cleanup.
I like the fact these figures look perfectly at home with whichever aircraft model you choose to pair them with.
The quality of the sculpting and casting is world class work. The details of faces and clothing are nicely rendered and this is really emphasised when you apply paint to bring them to life.
I am in the midst of painting the pair and find the tiny detail of the sculpts is not lost under primer or top coats. I am using Citadel, Vallejo and Jo Sonja’s acrylics and can say the Kellerkind figures have been a joy to work with.


Works in progress, the Kellerkind figures -not yet finished- with the in-progress Eduard Roland C.II. The figures perfectly complement the model.

The header sheet in the package offers a useful painting guide for both figures which is of great assistance and cuts down the modeller’s time in chasing colour references.
The 1/48 scale modellers should find these figures well worth adding to their model displays.

Two very nicely sculpted and beautifully cast figures, ideal for a 1/48 scale diorama setting.
Highly recommended.

Our thanks to Kellerkind Miniaturen for the review sample. Please support the businesses that support our Forum.

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