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Re: wood grain question
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re: oils for wood grain

I've done this for awhile and love the results.  I have on my latest build encountered a couple of surprises.  The oil rubbed off due to two different things.  First, it was on top of a base coat of acrylic that had thoroughly dried.  I think I used Andrea acrylics under this, which are like Vallejo.

I put the oil down, W&N artist oils, brushed out to the end I wanted and was quite happy.  Let it dry for a week.  Tested it with a paper towel and then a gloved finger and it seemed quite dry.  It was on a side panel for an Eduard camel and I had to squeeze it to get the top panel down firmly and some of it (on one side only) smudged off!  So, a week later and I'm touching up the join between the top panel and the rear fuselage by adding some perfect plastic putty.  Next day I realize I need to clean a little bit off the top panel so a little damp q-tip and it smudges that off too!  What's up with that?

So, after you get the result you want with the oil, how do you protect and preserve it?