Author Topic: Albatros D.III wings (1/72 - but also contains scale-independent question!)  (Read 1820 times)

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My Roden D.III was supplied with the D.II wing sprue. Although I could build it as a D.II, Iíve already got 2 and no D.III.

As Iím obviously not going to bother Roden with this now (I almost feel bad just posting about something as mundane as this!), does anyone know if the DV wings were identical? Canít find a D.III here and donít want to risk buying one more with the same error anyway.

Unless someone got the D.II boxing with my D.III wings of course  ;D

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Perhaps contact CraftLab and Koloman Mayrhofer? If there's anyone on the globe who might know it would be him!
Zac in NZ

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Hi torbiorn, I don't have the Roden D.V but judging by photos of the D.III and D.V kits, it seems they share the same wing sprues.
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