Author Topic: A reminder about the Forum registration process  (Read 501 times)

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A reminder about the Forum registration process
« on: January 10, 2022, 09:02:08 AM »
We are receiving a very large number of new member registration requests every day and in almost every case the newcomers are not genuine but represent interests as varied as travel to online sex!

All such registration attempts fail our security question and thus are automatically rejected.

To those people genuinely trying to register who have been rejected, have a think about your answer to the security question.

We ask you to name your favourite WW1 aircraft model. Pretty simple.

Sadly some people have recently answered this question with "dunno", "all of 'em", "can't decide", and this follows others who thought posting 'brown ones' or 'red ones' would get them through the door.

There's a reason for that security question, to try and keep unwanted elements out.

Sometimes an answer is close but a bit vague like the person whose answer is "dr.1". Close but no cigar, considering most of the bogus registrations use random letter and number combinations to answer the question.

So if you know someone planning to join, or are a visitor who wants to become a member, think about that question and give us a genuine response. Lazy or smartass replies only gets a rejection especially as vetting registrations is taking up more time every day and thus draining my patience.

And to the gentleman who tried to register and said the Spitfire was his favourite WW1 aircraft, it was the highlight of that day, even if I prefer the Hurricane.

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