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Email update from Pheon Decals
« on: October 04, 2021, 03:07:15 PM »
Email update from Pheon Decals

Pheon Decals have advised that the email address [email protected] is once again available for use, in the wake of the businessí website going down.

Sabine Broadbent assures us a new website should be up in early 2022 and in the meantime itís business as usual, albeit with some email problems still to be addressed.

Sabine says the [email protected] email address is functioning again.

Sabine is preparing PDF catalogue files to advise customers of available stock.

She will also contact all the customers who subscribed to receive NOTIFICATIONS from Pheon to inform them.

Customers who had asked to have decal sets put aside need not worry, their sets are still aside.

Sabine says she has all the pre-orders details so in time, she will be able to contact everyone.

As Pheon do not take any money for pre-orders, there is no problem, no risk for anyone to lose money.

Sabine and Rowan thank customers and Forum members for their ongoing support and understanding.

Be assured Pheon Decals are still with us!
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