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Pheon Decals – #48036 1/48 scale Sopwith Dolphin & Snipe

Reviewed by David Wilson

Scale: 1/48th
Price £15.75 plus postage in France. £22.25 outside Europe.  Full details on the Pheon website.
Stockist: Pheon Decals at
Contents: Decals with 13 marking options; information booklet.

The 1/48 scale modellers have felt a little neglected since the hobby kit manufacturers largely migrated to 1/32 scale, but the aftermarket suppliers have not forgotten this key sector of the hobby.

Pheon Decals, globally acknowledged as market leaders in the aftermarket decal world, has come to the rescue of those 1/48 scale modellers seeking alternative schemes for their Blue Max Snipe or Dolphin or Copper State Models’ older resin Sopwith Dolphin and Snipe kits and their more recent plastic Dolphin.
The Blue Max kits are now out of production but can still be found on the pre-owned market, as can the two early Copper State kits. The easiest kit to find is Copper State’s newer all plastic Dolphin, released in 2016. This excellent kit is still available.

The decal set features explanatory notes on each option, A4 sized pages of full colour side profiles on high quality art stock, general colouring notes and a references list.
The decals are produced, as usual by Fantasy Printshop and continue the world class standard we have come to expect from this decal maker.

As usual, the set includes an informative information pamphlet with detailed background on the aircraft depicted.

The decals are, as expected, are in perfect register and colour tones seem spot on. The sheet includes necessary serial numbers, code letters and white stripes etc.
Marking options:
The decal set covers 13 aircraft (10 Dolphins, 3 Snipes)
19 Squadron.

1. E4514, Lt C.M Moore July 1918

2. C3799 Capt. G.B.Irving Summer 1918

87 Squadron.

3.E4587, Pilot unknown.

4.C4157 “Muddles”, Lt.C.E.Worthington. August 1918

5. C4155 Lt.R.M.Macdonald September 1918.

23 Squadron.

6.C3824 Lt.J.W.Pearson, July 1918.

7. C4130, “Vic” Lt.H.N.Compton, November 1918.

8. D3669 Capt.A.B.Fairclough, July 1918.
141 (HD) Sqn.

9. C3803, Pilot not known, Biggin Hill March 1918.

79 Squadron

10. C4131 Capt.F.I.Lord, June 1918.

11. E4756, Capt.R.B.Bannerman November 1918.

12. C8189 Capt.F.J.Stevenson October 1918

13. H7244 Capt.F.W.Gillet October 1918.

As always, an expertly researched and beautifully detailed aftermarket decal set which maintains Pheon’s reputation for world class quality and gives 1/48 modellers an appealing new range of markings for their Dolphin and Snipe kits.
Highly recommended.
Our thanks to Rowan & Sabine at Pheon for the review sample.
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