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Pheon Decals Set 1/32 scale Fokker E.V Vol 2
« on: March 01, 2021, 04:05:37 PM »
#32062 1/32 scale Fokker E.V Vol 2

Reviewed by David Wilson

Scale: 1/32nd
Price £14.25 plus postage in France, £20.75 untracked outside France. Full details on the Pheon website.
Stockist: Pheon Decals at
Contents: Decals with 6 marking options. Assembly jig for Fokker E.V kit.

The unexpected closure of Wingnut Wings deprived modellers world wide of their game of guessing the next Wingnuts release. Many put money on the hopes of a Fokker E.V but in the event the only 1/32 scale kit of this machine available is the 2017 Mikro Mir kit, re-boxed from the Avis original.
Pheon’s decal sets for the Fokker E.V  are thus tailored to fit the Mikro Mir kit.

Pheon Decals has a well deserved global reputation as market leaders in the aftermarket decal world, and this set, first released in 2017, is still popular.
As noted, this is Vol. 2 in the E.V set. The decal set features a 12 page A5 sized booklet with explanatory notes on each option, two  A4 sized pages of full colour side profiles on high quality art stock, general colouring notes, a references list and a bonus of adhesive-backed templates to make jigs for assembling the wing and undercarriage of the Mikro Mir kit.

The decals for this set are produced, as usual by Fantasy Printshop and continue the world class standard we have come to expect from this decal maker.
The decals are, as expected, in perfect register and colour tones seem spot on. The sheet includes necessary national markings and serial numbers but not the four colour lozenge necessary for this build.

Pheon recommends the lozenge decals designed for this kit and sold by Aviattic. They note Aviattic also has other replacement aftermarket items to enhance this model.
Marking options:
I will admit to a little confusion here. The Pheon website lists the schemes for this set as:
1 - Serial not known, Jasta 36. Blue nose and possibly tail surfaces.  Alternative fuselage band with red stars included.
2 - Serial not known, probably  from Jasta 8
3 - Serial not known, Jasta 24, Offz.-Stv. Friedrich Altemeir.
4 -187/18  001 of 7 Eskadra Lotnicza, Polish Air Force, 1919.
5 - Serial not known, unidentified Marine Feld Jasta. Alternative white "3" included.
6 - Serial and unit not known, possibly  a MFJ. Chevron colours speculative.
This appears to conflict with some callouts in the instructions and colour profiles and in addition a supplementary part decal sheet offers serial numbers for six more E.V/ D.VIIIs not referred to in the instructions. Bonus time!

Some additional research by the modeller is recommended but the decals in this set are light years ahead of those supplied with the kit.
So this is a very useful decal release and more so now that we know Wingnuts are gone and the chance of a new tool Fokker E.V/ D.VIII now rests with a diminishing number of kit manufacturers.
Until one of them picks up this subject- if ever- the Mikro Mir/ Avis kit is the best – the only-  1/32 Fokker E.V/ D.VIII around so aftermarket decals, PE and resin accessories are the best (only) option for any upgrades.
Highly recommended.
Our thanks to Rowan & Sabine at Pheon for the review sample. Please support the businesses that support our Forum.

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