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Expanding the Forum's content
« on: June 30, 2021, 02:07:54 PM »
We are always looking for ways to deliver better content value to our members and one of the most successful additions was the 'off topic' board which has enabled members to show their non WW1 builds.

We are now taking that a step further with a new name for the board and expanding it to include kit reviews of non WW1 subjects.

The Off Topic board is now The World of Scale Models and the first review to feature there is Special Hobby's brand new 1/32 scale Westland Whirlwind fighter.

Our Forum's core focus will still be and always be on WW1 subjects but we also need to acknowledge that many of our members don't just make WW1 models and we want the forum to be a global community where members can enjoy and share all of their model interests, not just one theme.

Our thanks to everyone for your ongoing support for our Forum. Your encouragement and the superb models you share, make all of this very worthwhile.

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