Author Topic: Suggestions for removing delicate resin prop blades from Pouring bliocks  (Read 233 times)


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Rather than continuing to Hijack the thread Alexis started for first time resin kit builders I figured I would ask this here. The Encore SE5a kit has some beautifully thin prop blades attached to heavy pouring blocks. The first time I attempted this kit i ruined the blades while removing. So all thoughts and techniques are welcomed! The first three photos show the "Most" difficult blades to remove!


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Hi Rick - I saw the question elsewhere in the forum and also saw the detailed response by Prze. I have to agree 100% with his explanation of using a fine razor saw to remove the bulk of the resin casting block, then carefully slicing the remaining excess off with a brand new #11 blade. Sanding down to finish. Patience it the key! I've worked on many resin kits lately and this method works well.

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Hey Rick ,

For the single blades I would do it the same way as removing the four blade to your question posted in my thread . Using the backside of a #11 blade and sourcing it free . Be a lot less sanding and flexing of the resin parts . Prze and Gary have very sound advice to your question .

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