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Model Cellar 1/32 scale RFC Pilot & Lewis Gunner
« on: March 28, 2021, 09:08:31 AM »
Model Cellar – 1/32 scale RFC Pilot & Lewis Gunner

Reviewed by David Wilson

Scale: 1/32nd
Price $US 41 plus postage. Also available separately at $US 22.50 each plus postage.
Stockist: Model Cellar at
Contents: Cast resin parts, separate heads.

While the pace of new WW1 aircraft kits may have slowed somewhat with the collapse of Wingnut Wings, there’s been an enormous boost in the quantity – and quality – of figures to dress dioramas or just look cool next to a finished model.
Figures have become an integral part of an aircraft display, helped in no small way by a growing range of well sculpted pilot and ground crew figures in realistic poses.
The experienced American-based figure manufacturer, Model Cellar, is a market leader in the field in producing figures in a variety of scales.
Among the catalogue is an excellent duo (also available individually), of a 1/32 scale RFC pilot and his gunner in casual mode before or after a mission. These Model Cellar figures have been sculpted by Mike Good, regarded as one of the finest figure sculptors in the world. Mike’s name is a hallmark for quality figures.
The figures come in a strong cardboard box and were individually protected in small bags and bubble wrap.

The gunner is in five parts – body, arms, head and Lewis Gun. The pilot is a four part set of body, head and arms. Detail is excellent with both figures in nicely sculpted helmet, flying coat and flying boots. Figure painters can go crazy on this pair with leather, flesh, sheepskin and other tones to play with.

Again we should consider the quality of the casting. This is world class work, as Model Cellar owner Paul does the casting work himself.
His details are always clean, clear and crisp. Paul uses the smallest sprue possible vs big casting blocks that are more typical of resin figures. Model Cellar casting blocks are in very unobtrusive areas and so clean up work seems quite simple and straightforward.
I especially like the fact that the model figures’ faces contain sufficient animation in the detail to look quite lifelike -albeit they demand more of the painter to capture the details in them.
It’s the little details like this that make Model Cellar such excellent figures which just look “at home” in any 1/32 diorama.

Nicely sculpted and beautifully cast realistic figures, ideal for a diorama setting.
Highly recommended.
Our thanks to Model Cellar for the review sample. Please support the businesses that support our Forum.

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