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Pheon Decals #32074 1/32 scale for Ltn. Werner Voss
« on: November 04, 2020, 09:04:05 PM »
Pheon Decals #32074 1/32 scale for Ltn. Werner Voss

Reviewed by Lance Carroll.

Manufacturer: Pheon Decals at
Price;  GBP 12.50 plus Postage.
Note: This set is now OOP but this review is provided to assist those who may acquire it by sale or trade via the pre-owned market.

Lt. der Reserve Werner Voss stood among the very best of Germany’s WW.1 Fighter aces with 48 Victories. A quiet and reserved young man and exceptionally skilled pilot, he was awarded command of Jasta 5 at the age of 20 and later Jasta 10 of Manfred von Richthofen’s  Jagdgeschwader 1.
While serving at Jasta 2 prior to taking command of Jasta 5 Voss painted his iconic markings of the red heart, laurel of victory leaves, and “good luck” swastika symbol on his D.III. It is a striking combination and well represented in this decal set. Voss was later honoured with provision of the second Fokker Tri-Plane prototype, F.1 103/17 which he flew and scored his final 10 victories in from 28 August to 23 September of 1917.

A well written 8 page guide and background information booklet that contains half a dozen nice reference photos of both aircraft featured. Both subjects are beautifully detailed on individual A-4 sized color profiles on art quality paper included in the package.  Like of most of Pheon’s  art work they are “frameable” and would add a lot of classy atmosphere to the walls of your “Model Cave”!
The single decal sheet is accompanied by two smaller additions; the corrected “victory wreath for the left fuselage side and engine data Plate for the cowling and Axial Propeller logos.

Inside the booklet…….

This 1:32 Scale Decal Set provides a complete set of markings (with several alternate interpretations) for Voss’ colourful Albatross D.III and for his Fokker F.1 103/17.  Voss took his D.III Albatross and his Ground Crew along with him when transferred from Jagstaffel 2 to command Jasta 5. Markings for both of these periods of service are provided.

Markings  are also provided for either the drab green or yellow cowling rendition of his F.1 Driedekker prototype. This is the aircraft he flew in his epic battle against six highly successful RFC Aces on  23 Sept. 1917 and  in which he was fatally shot down by 25 Victory Ace Lt. Arthur P.F. Rhys-Davids.

Both subjects are beautifully detailed on A-4 sized color profiles on art quality paper included in the package. 

Both the early (Jasta 2) and later (jasta 5 and 10) markings for the D.III are included in the set.

Again both popular colour scheme interpretations are included. The Japanese kite inspired “face” will fit either the all drab green or yellow version of the cowling

The Decals:

The decals are of the usual high quality offered by Fantasy Print Shop. Register is   exceptional and the colours and layout flawless.

There is one error on the sheet, as always corrected gratis by Pheon. The left fuselage side of the Albatros D.III markings has too few leaves (would you have noticed?!) and the correction is included. There are also Axial Propeller logos and the engine cowling data plate to complete your model of the Fokker F.1     

This is an excellent after market decal sheet and provides good value for the modest price given it will complete two models for your collection. Pheon’s  proven record of high quality products  and particularly their consistently impressive record of excellent customer service add to a high recommendation for this product.

The Review product sample was purchased by the reviewer from Pheon. Please support the businesses that support your Forum.

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