Author Topic: Small Stuff Gnome 7 Omega 50 hp in 1:72  (Read 1743 times)

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Small Stuff Gnome 7 Omega 50 hp in 1:72
« on: September 10, 2020, 05:45:51 AM »
A while back someone, Old Man I think, asked about the size of the engine mentioned in the Subject line. That was a day after I had ordered one from Small Stuff in Israel. My engine kit arrived today. Exactly what was it you wanted to know? Diameter? The crank case is 5mm and each cyl is also 5mm but they go into holes in the case and they are not directly opposite each other, call them 4mm, so roughly 13mm in dia.
I will post some photos later. This is some tiny resin casting with extra fine detail. I am highly satisfied and it was well worth the wait and the price was nominal.
I found a 1/72 Nieuport 4 I was scratch building stuck away in a bag and this engine is just the ticket if I can work with something that small. I was planning on doing Nesterov's machine as he was credited with doing the first loop, IIRC.
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