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Model Cellar 1/32 scale Werner Voss
« on: September 04, 2020, 03:24:52 PM »
Model Cellar 1/32/ 54mm Werner Voss

Reviewed by Dave Wilson

Scale: 1/32nd
Price $US 22.50 plus postage.
Stockist: Model Cellar at
Contents: Cast resin parts, separate head.

The release of the Meng/ intended as Wingnuts Fokker Dr.1 kit has renewed global interest in this icon of WW1 aircraft.
The Meng kit features all the parts Wingnuts intended for separate boxings of Fokker F.1 and Dr.1 kits, so modellers can indulge in making Von Richthofenís aircraft, or the equally famous Dr.1 ace Werner Voss.
Naturally the completed model would look so much more real with a figure to enhance it and to complement Model Cellarís acclaimed Manfred Von Richthofen figures, they also produce the most accurate 1/32/ 54mm figure of Werner Voss.
Figures have become increasingly an integral part of an aircraft display, helped in no small way by a growing range of well sculpted pilot and ground crew figures in realistic poses.
The experienced American-based figure manufacturer, Model Cellar, leads the field in making figures in a variety of scales.
Model Cellarís 1/32/ 54mm scale figure of Werner Voss is a perfect rendition of Voss, a 48 victory ace, hands in pockets casually standing by his distinctive Fokker F.1.

The Model Cellar figure has been sculpted by Mike Good, regarded as one of the finest figure sculptors in the world whose name is a hallmark for figure quality.
The Voss figure captures him in a relaxed pose and seems a perfect replica of the image in the photo.

Mine will find a home by the prop of a 1/32 scale model of his aircraft, either the Roden kit or a new Meng/ Wingnuts version.
As with Model Cellarís line, the figure comes in a strong cardboard box
Again we should praise the quality of the casting. This is world class quality work, as Model Cellar owner Paul does the casting work himself.

His details are clean, clear and crisp. Paul uses the smallest sprue possible vs big casting blocks that are very typical of resin figures. The casting blocks are in very unobtrusive areas and so clean up work seems quite simple and straightforward.
I recently made and painted his Von Richthofen figure and the resin worked well with super glue and parts required minimal cleaning up.. The same angst-free build is expected with Herr Voss.
I especially like the fact that the model figureís face really does resemble Werner Voss and itís little gems like this that make Model Cellar the best.

A finely sculpted and beautifully cast realistic figure of a famous WW1 ace and an ideal complement to the Meng or Roden Fokker F.1/ Dr.1 kits.
Highly recommended.
Our thanks to Model Cellar for the review sample. Please support the businesses that support our Forum.

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Re: Model Cellar 1/32 scale Werner Voss
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2020, 08:20:40 PM »
Thanks Dave Iíll be putting in an order with them soon!
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