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Master Box British Infantry Somme 1916
« on: July 18, 2020, 11:26:46 AM »

Reviewed by David Wilson
Kit # 35146. Produced by Master Box Ltd, Ukraine
Scale: 1/35th
Price $A 22.50 plus postage; £12.99 in UK .
Stockist: Available from quality model retailers world wide
Contents: Plastic parts for five figures

The 100th anniversary of WW1 worked as a stimulus to revitalise a neglected side of the hobby- the land war. While aircraft modellers enjoyed a renaissance, the range of armour and figure models was sparse.
Fortunately the Centennial has kick started an increased focus on 1/35 scale armour, armoured cars and figures to enhance displays and dioramas.
Among the leaders has been Ukrainian company Master Box Ltd. Whose catalogue is somewhat unique as it covers figures from both world wars, plus an esoteric range of figures in various scales covering subjects such as the American Civil War, Zombies and even a futuristic “Mad Max” type world.
Master Box’s 1/35th military range is impressive and its WW1 issues cover six sets of figures.
This review deals with a five figure set depicting British infantry in the Somme battle period of 1916. Four rather war-weary soldiers are briefed by their officer in a scene that could be a stand alone diorama or form part of a wider scene.

The figures are sculpted by A. Gagarin and detail is quite nice – not the fine detail you get with resin but for $A22 you get five figures so it’s a real bargain.
The figures are on two sprues packed in an end-opening box. Figure assembly instructions  and painting details are on the box with colours usefully keyed to Vallejo and Lifecolor paints.

Mould quality is good and after some clean up the parts assemble easily. The set includes the soldiers’ weapons for .303 rifles and a Lewis gun are included.

A real appeal with the Master Box range is how the figures can be mixed and matched with others or adapted to different dioramas.
For example I used the officer from this set to be a central figure in my WW1 entry for the Forum’s WW1 diorama group build.

There’s debate on whether 1/35th scale figures can be used around 1/32 scale aircraft or vehicles. It’s for each modeller to decide but I find the scale difference barely noticeable – mindful that the average height of combatants in WW1 was apparently shorter than people today.
There’s also the trick of visual perspective- place the 1/35th scale figure slightly to the back in a diorama and it appears as if the figure is a bit further away which actually lends depth to the scene.
The Master Box range of figures is excellent because the figures are sculpted to be part of a story rather than just posing in front of an aircraft. As such they can be adapted to any WW1 land war scenario.

Highly recommended.

Our thanks to Master Box Ltd for the review sample. Please support the businesses that support our Forum.

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Re: Master Box British Infantry Somme 1916
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2020, 06:28:48 PM »
Dave appreciate you taking the time to review these fellows.
You’ve convinced me to grab a set.
I’m going to do some work on different plastic figures sets to see what is possible with a bit of extra work.
See if we can land something like Collector figures.
I’m also keen to encourage others to use these as an entry into figures - a scary project for some.
I like variety of poses & equipment.
Also agree it is possible to use with 1/32 aircraft if carefully consider viewing perspective.