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Announcing the Forum Rewards scheme
« on: January 18, 2020, 02:48:14 PM »
I’m pleased to announce a new feature for our Forum – the Forum Rewards scheme.
It works like this: every so often the Forum owner will select a registered member who will be rewarded with a special prize to reflect their ongoing contribution to supporting the Forum.
This is not a competition and it is not decided based on only how many models someone makes or how many posts they make. It will be a random recognition of registered members who, in the Forum owner’s view, have played a significant and tangible part in keeping the Forum active and interesting and through their active participation and support helped ensure our ongoing wish to be the best WW1 model hobby website in the world.
The Forum Rewards will vary. Sometimes it will be a model kit from the Owner’s stash, or it may be modelling tools and aids such as head magnifier sets and the like.
This is not a sponsored promotion, all rewards gifts are from the Forum owner, not a commercial company.
I’m very pleased to announce that the first Forum Rewards recipient is Pepperman42 from Canada. Steve has quietly and consistently donated to the forum in a way that has ensured we can plan ahead for future activities and expansion.
Steve’s reward is a 1/32 scale aircraft model kit from the Forum owner’s stash, and with it goes our most sincere thanks to him for his invaluable and loyal support.
Our membership is growing at a steady rate and we now have 3393 members plus many hundreds of casual visitors every day. We invite those visitors to also register as members- it’s free and a simple process.
And for all our existing members, stay tuned as you never know when the next Forum Rewards prize will be announced.

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