Author Topic: Panzer Concepts 28cm "Bruno" W.W.1  (Read 5868 times)

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Re: Panzer Concepts 28cm "Bruno" W.W.1
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I can't believe I missed this.

It is a jaw-dropping beautiful diorama! It must have been a complicated built. I know that working with resin parts is laborious. I have a simple resin Farman M.F.11 Shorthorn kit in 1/72 that's still on the shelf, simply because it is a box with a few bags and a flawed instruction sheet.

Hats off to you!
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Re: Panzer Concepts 28cm "Bruno" W.W.1
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Re: Panzer Concepts 28cm "Bruno" W.W.1
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I'd like to say a belated thanks to all for the very kind words on this project - it means a lot to me and I very much appreciate everyone who has taken the time to look and comment.

I've finally been able to put together the write-up and photos for this one, and Brett Green has three articles tentatively to be published in Model Military International magazine's issues 176, 177, 178 for the Construction, Painting and Diorama parts respectively. That would be the Dec 2020, Jan 2021 and Feb 2021 issues, for those interested to see my story.