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Roden 1/35th scale BL 8 inch howitzer Mk. VI
« on: May 10, 2019, 08:33:52 PM »
   BL 8inch Howitzer Mk. VI

REVIEWED BY David Wilson

Scale:       1/35th
Item #:      Ro 813
Price:      $A69.74, $US 48.78; £44.99 (£37.49 export price) via Hannants (UK); $A47.99 pre order in Australia                       
                through Metro Hobbies.
Stockist:         Available through quality hobby retailers worldwide.
Contents:      118 Injection plastic parts; PE fret; vinyl wheel tracks.


When Roden released its impressive 1/35th scale Holt Artillery Tractor last year, many WW1 modellers voiced a wish for a companion Howitzer artillery gun to complement the kit.
Roden listened and the 1/35th scale BL8 inch howitzer Mk. VI is now with us and itís a delight.
Roden has obviously re-thought its priorities in WW1 modelling. While the Ukrainian companyís catalogue of WW1 aircraft models in the three main scales is impressive and thankfully remains in production, Roden has wisely diversified into land war subjects.
Itís an astute move given that relatively speaking, there are not too many 1/35th WW1 land war plastic kits compared with the aircraft ranges, and some of the most esoteric subjects (such as the Holt) were previously only available as expensive resin kits.
So Roden are to be congratulated for targeting the significant niche of WW1 vehicles and artillery. These make great standalone models or diorama features.
Any TV documentary on World War 1 inevitably features an artillery barrage and the 8 inch howitzer is regularly featured.
The British Vickers company created the 8-inch gun in 1915, which became known as the Mk.VI. It was a heavy beast and needed something with grunt to haul it- the Holt 75 tractor being one hauler.

An 8 inch howitzer hauled by a Holt tractor. Imperial War Museum photo.

Production of the gun was spread in Britain and licensed to American manufacturers too.
The gun was widely used on the Western Front, and also in Macedonia and in Palestine. It saw extensive British Army use plus was used by artillery divisions of Australia and Canada. Some even found their way to Imperial Russia.
The howitzer had a long service life. Some were used in WW2 and remained in use until the late 1960s.

Rodenís model:

Roden released a 1/72 scale BL 8inch howitzer kit last year and itís a nice depiction which whetted the appetite for a larger scale version.
The top-opening box for the 1/35th scale kit houses six medium grey plastic sprues of parts with a small PE fret and a vinyl track for the wheels.

Parts are crisply moulded with barely any flash and good detail where needed.

(Photos via Roden)

The instructions come in an eight page foldout with exploded views illustrating the constructions steps. As always the instructions are in black and white and frankly it would help if the colour schemes were illustrated in colour. Two small colour depictions on the side of the box donít give enough detail.


The kit suggests colours for a howitzer of an unidentified British artillery unit on the Western Front in 1916 and one used by the US Army on the Western Front in summer 1918. Colours are keyed to Vallejo paints.

There are no decals but small PE parts provide the necessary data plates for the carriage.

Vinyl tracks are supplied to wrap around the wheels.


A very sensible and worthwhile addition to any WW1 collection with enormous diorama potential.


Highly Recommended.

(Review sample kindly supplied by Roden. Please support the businesses that support our Forum.)   
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