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Handley-Page 0/400
« on: April 06, 2019, 08:13:39 AM »
On behalf of Edgar:

"Dear fellow modellers,

Our K1025 1/48 Resin kit of the "Bloody Paralyzer" Handley Page O/400 Bomber is n the finish line, all the parts are moulded and cast, masks are cut, and currently, we are waiting for the decals which are in the printing process right now (by Cartograf). So we are talking about 3 weeks waiting time. Originally this project was offered to us by Barry Berman, and we accept it, but after first test castings, we understood that it was rather naive of us to think that it will be like a walk in the park to produce this kit using the original parts. And so together with Melius Manu (our partner), this project was prepared in the best possible way

This is a rather big project for us and it is also a big kit, check this out
- More than 1.5kg of resin
- More than 2m of wire to reinforced the struts/wings
- 63cm wingspan
- 232 resin parts and 12 clear resin parts
- 60 struts with reinforcing wire inside
- 2 big sheets of masks (for Roundles) and decals printed by Cartograf
- 4 marking option
- instruction on a USB stick

Price 200 EUR (242EUR including VAT - for EU clients)

We will be taking pre-orders very soon, but those who really want to pre-early-order them, please contact us at edgar.liepinsh (at)"

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